Advanced logistics:

Torbel organises its platforms according to the target customer.

Overall this represents

50 000 product lines sold

162 000 orders

The Plateforme at Sault-Brenaz (01)

A 7 500 m² storage platform for shipping throughout Europe

1 500 product lines stored

This shipping platform now handles more than 40 million units a year.

The platform at Guéret (23) handles large-scale distribution

Opened in September 2016 : More than 4 000 product lines stored

The Monin logistics platform in Fougères (35)

2 500 m² storage area for finished goods manufactured by Monin

Mermier logistics platform in Tinchebray (61)

A 3,000 m² storage facility for all product lines in the Mermier catalogue

Torbel AG Switzerland logistics platform in Tavannes (be)

Torbel SRL ITALY Logistics platform in TURIN (TO)