Torbel has become a leader in building solutions by bringing on board colleagues and competitors (through external growth initiatives).

A new organisational structure has been established to improve efficiency and provide customers with even greater satisfaction.

It comprises:

  • 12 manufacturing sites classified by manufacturing activity
  • 3 surface treatment sites
  • 6 storage and distribution platforms

Torbel has 12 manufacturing sites classified by manufacturing activity.

This represents :

  • 1 tool facility with an estimated 10,000 product lines
  • 30 automatic cutting lines ranging from 50 to 400 tonnes
  • 6 419 tonnes of processed material

Manufacture of shutter fittings

Torbel Centre in Saint Martin la Plaine (42)

Manufacture of bespoke shutter fittings

Prodex in Saint Martin la Plaine (42)

Manufacture of custom door lift-off hinges

Faure & Fils in Mansac (19) and Clémenson in Monistrol sur Loire (43)

Manufacture of furnishing and decorative hardware

BROS in Saint Just Saint Rambert (42)

Manufacture and assembly of door handles

Bouvet in Chanu (61)

Manufacture of lift-off hinges for wood and building hardware accessories

FTS in Sedan (08)

Manufacture of lift-off hinges, brackets and mending plates

Monin in Fougères (35)

Manufacture of lift-off hinges, hinges, locks, shelf rails and plastic processing unit

Monin in Nogent-le-Rotrou (28)

Manufacture of garden tools and hardware products

Mermier in la Monnerie and Tinchebray (61)

Manufacture of cutting edges and tools

Jouin in Tinchebray (61)

Assembly and processing of gate accessories

Portac in Friville Escarbotin (80)

Manufacture of grid bars

Bourguignon in Châteauneuf sur Isère (26)